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LUMI is proud to announce that, over the next year, we will re-evaluate all aspects of our ecological footprint, in an effort to provide a far greater transparency across all our corporate activities, from the production process and distribution channels, to retail operations and back-office organization.

And, we would like to share the results of what we find out with you, our friends and customers, so you have a clear understanding of exactly how and where your bag is made, as well as how it gets from there into your hands. So, keep an eye on this web space, which will present a series of features that focus on our ongoing efforts to understand, and to improve on, the sustainability of our business practice.

As a first look at this ecological focus, below are a few images from our recent visit to our production partners in Portugal, where we produce a growing number of our vegetable tanned product lines. We will have a good deal more to say about this old-world, artisanal tanning process, and what it means for the bags you buy.

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