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Organic skincare that has all the things good for you.


LUMI Scent + Skincare Line begins with a simple idea — Scent Remembers. Scents contain a unique ability to remind us of a shared past. In our Finnish experience, this means collective memories of powerful arctic snowstorms, refreshing spring lakes, endless summer nights, and foraging forest adventures.

“As a leather maker, we have always been aware of the importance of scent and of raw, elementary materials.”


We have searched for a set of elemental Nordic scents and botanicals to capture the essence of our seasonal past. The scents will remind you of the heat of the first winter sauna or of the mid-summer sun that never sets, while the active Nordic extracts, including birch, nettle, oat, cloudberry, lichen, sea buckthorn, moss and rowanberry, will nourish and soothe your body and remind you of the power of our northern nature

AAMU – Morning Bliss

The first morning swim, across an impossibly waveless lake. Light’s first glint caught somewhere between water and mist. The body’s first blush, cleansed of all impurities. Endless possibilities ahead.

YÖTÖN YÖ – Nightless Night

Waking in a familiar field of flowers. Pastel colored hues, in full bloom, refracted as far as the eye can see. Arms still warm from the day’s heat. A night that should probably end, but
never does.

RUSKA – Forest Dew

A long forest walk across ever-shortening days. Lush, verdant moss sinking underfoot. Aching legs push towards a second home. Leaving behind the primordial forest canopy, which was surely the first home and hearth. The forest always provides.

KAAMOS – Artic Silence

A winter-deep wooden cabin half-covered in Arctic ice and snow. A dark, cold wind balanced by a no less dark, hot sauna. Body, tingling. Mind, reviving. Silence, at last. With only a crackling fire as a companion.


We believe in nature, therefore, LUMI Scent + Skincare products contain no parabens, petrochemicals, silicone, aluminium, plasticizers, formaldehyde or artificial colours. We do not use any animal testing. Our products just have all things good for you – packed with Nordic nature’s superpowers.

AAMU – Nettle

Our Aamu series features Nettle, one of the most potent early springtime herbs. In Finland, Nettle has been used in everything from facial tonics to herbal teas. Prized for its healing, bio-active compounds, including a diverse array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Nettle provides an especially powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory boost to your skincare regimen, resulting in skin that feels brighter and energized.


Oats have been used in Finnish home remedies for hundreds of years, specifically for gently exfoliating and soothing dry, irritated and ageing skin. You will find these magical, anti-ageing oats throughout our Yötön Yö series, which take full advantage of the plant’s high concentrations of hydrating lipids and vitamins, and which will moisturize and sooth even the driest skin, on even the hottest of summer days.

RUSKA – Lichen

Lichen extracts are commonly used in creams and lotions throughout the Nordic countries. As one of the oldest and heartiest living organisms on the planet, which survive in virtually any environment, this bio-dynamic powerhouse contains effective emollient and disinfecting properties. These properties are activated throughout our Ruska series, providing remarkable moisturizing and balancing benefits.

KAAMOS – Sea Buckthorn

Harsh Arctic winters require serious skincare. This is why our Kaamos series features Sea Buckthorn, a hardy northern plant that includes a naturally occurring cocktail of anti-oxidants, including vitamins A and E, as well as a unique combination of carotenoids and omega oils. This powerful complex of botanicals nourish and repair damaged skin, and, with regular use, can even help to prevent premature ageing.