Lumi x Premium Berlin

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Back in the day and, no, we won’t tell you the year — the hottest club in Helsinki was called Berlin. The club was all about black, stylish clothes, and avant-garde, techno music.

When visiting the city of Berlin for its Premium trade show this January, we felt like we were back in Berlin the club the entire city seemed to be wearing black, stylish clothes and graphical lines, during this gloomy 2015 winter.

Needless to say, our wholesale customers at the Premium trade show were attracted to anything black, simple, sturdy and functional. Our roomy reversible totes, simple clutches and sturdy boots were especially in demand, the perfect compliments to the graphical haircut and that touch of red lipstick.

And, very soon, LUMI is going to get even more familiar with Berlin style, while Berlin will have a chance to get more familiar with LUMI’s functional, understated style, with the opening of our Berlin retail store, at Bikini Berlin Concept Mall, early April 2015. Until then, stay tuned for more from Berlin!

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