Some thoughts on moving towards a more sustainable leather accessories business. If you have additional questions, please send an email to customer care.


What does sustainable product design mean, anyways?

Sustainable product design is a design philosophy and practice in which the designed products contribute to a social and economic well-being, by using sustainable resource bases and methods that have the smallest possible impact on the environment. It embodies the practice of eco-design, with due attention to environmental, ethical and social factors, but also includes economic consideration and assessment of resource availability in relation to sustainable production.

We believe in consuming less, but better. What does this mean?

The respect of an honest product is a part of the conviction of helping to protect the environment. With a local production in Europe and by the careful selection of all parameters that are involved in the making of products – from manufacturing and packaging and all the way to logistics – Lumi is pushing every day to strive towards 100% sustainable and true eco-friendly designs.

What do we do today?

Lumi is selecting the best available materials and uses traditional techniques to create environmentally sustainable pieces. We have identified three points that can be addressed immediately: materials, origin and vendors.

Materials, leathers, are custom-developed directly with the local European tanneries that Lumi co-operate with. All leathers used in the Lumi productions, Chrome or Vegetable tanned are made according, at the minimum, to the required REACH convention.

Lumi is also, increasingly creating its own hardware to ensure quality and reliability, nickel free and clean from heavy metals. Lumi owners are Board member of the Nordic Fashion Association http://www.nordicfashionassociation.com/ we are passing the word to other designer brand and have presented results during Fashion Summit.

Origin is of utmost importance. Having products made locally in Europe is not only great from a social aspect, but also leaves out useless transportation that major companies are making sending raw materials between countries in the Far east for manufacturing and importing the ready made products. Lumi is now producing 75 % of its products assortment in Europe, Portugal, Turkey, Latvia and more recently Finland. Being part of Lumi’s history, we wish to remain loyal to our long lasting relationship vendors in India. Craftsmanship is the essence of the vendor and partner selection, where both know-how and respect of ethical values are part of the company dna.

How can I get involved?

Lumi is offering you the chance to get involved in helping the environment. The high quality of Lumi products allows you to hold on to your bag for years, helping you avoid over consuming and getting you out of the “buy and trash” loop of today’s disposable fashion. Showing consideration makes a difference – “You love it, you keep it”. We believe that having a great product that you love and care for a very long time, is better than purchasing poor quality many times a year.

By choosing to buy a product that uses sustainable design and processes, you are not only supporting designer brands like Lumi in the struggle for a sustainable development in the fashion trade, but you are making the choice to select a high quality product that you can use for years to come.

In Finnish, Lumi stands for snow. And we just really want to help keep our snow white.