This leather care guide offers general tips for taking care of your LUMI bag. If you have additional or more detailed questions, please send an email to our customer care.

Your new LUMI is made of leather. Leather is finished to emphasize its true texture so minor flaws from scratches etc. may be noticeable. Color loss, color migration and fading of the leather dye caused by friction, moisture or exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided, so please be careful when using this product during the summer, in rainy weather and when wearing light-colored clothing.

Care and protection
The surface has been pre-treated so you don’t have to use any chemical leather protection on it. However, as leather is a natural material, please nourish it twice a year with a neutral and natural leather conditioner. After treatment, please swipe your bag with a cotton cloth to remove any excess treatment oil from the surface of the bag.

When your leather bag gets wet in the raining day, don’t worry. Leather will turn back to normal once it dries. Be careful not to scuff it while it’s wet as the scuff will ruin it. Wait until it dries, then nourish it with a neutral and natural leather conditioner to protect your leather. Remember to test first on a small inconspicuous area .

Store the product in a place with low humidity and good ventilation, and periodically wipe with a dry cloth.

Stain removing
When removing a stain, use a cleaner specifically formulated for leather products and carefully read the instructions and immediately wipe away any stains etc. with a soft, dry cloth, and then dry in shade. Don’t try to remove stains with liquid or chemical stain removers. For more difficult stains we recommend to use professional dry cleaner. After the leather is dry, dab a bit of Saphir Universelle Creme on a clean cotton fabric cloth and treat the bag gently. However, test it on a small inconspicuous area before using.

Bubble and suede leather
For cleaning bubble and suede leather, can use following methods. Rub carefully the surface with clean bath towel – this will bring the nap up. To remove dry stain use clean non coloured pencil eraser. You can also use damp towel to remove stains – rub carefully with clean towel and let it dry. Don’t try to remove stains with liquid or chemical stain removers. For more difficult stains we recommend to use professional dry cleaner.

Vegetable tanned cow and sheep leather
Due to the natural process of dying and tanning the leather skins, a SILICON FREE, chemical free conditioner must be used for the care of your bag. We suggest to use a natural bee wax based cream twice a year to clean, nourish and protect the leather. We recommend Saphir Universelle Creme for our handbags. This product is also available in the LUMI store .

When you take care of your new LUMI, it will love you in return and give you joy for many years to come.