A designer in the making?

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Today, we have a special visitor at the LUMI office. Meet Vilja! Vilja is 14 years old, and is a very talented illustrator. She is here for her “Taksvärkki” internship for the day – a communal work experience Finnish high schools do. Vilja’s school Riihenmäen Koulu donates all the money they raise for Uusi Lastensairaala children’s hospital project.

Vilja has been illustrating some of our accessories, and creating a design for a handbag she would love to wear herself. Vilja’s eye for detail is extraordinary, and we are all amazed by her illustration skills. She tells us that maybe some day, she could become a designer too. That’s why she chose to come and experience a day at the LUMI office.

See Vilja’s illustration work on her instragram account @viljasdrawings and follow her artistic journey.

Vilja's LUMI inspired drawing

Vilja is at LUMI for her Taksvärkk

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