A Vase of Light

We have always admired the work of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, so were intrigued to hear that they were collaborating with Iittala on a new product. The end-result of this collaboration, the Ruutu, is a collection of diamond-shaped, colored vases that come in five sizes and seven watercolor tones, and which can be fitted together into different arrangements to create entirely new color compositions.

As Ronan Bouroullec explains, in the following video: “I have always had in mind this piece of glass, which would catch light and transmit a colour into the home.” And, what brilliant execution on such a simple idea; the glass artisans at Iittala are truly inspiring.

[sf_fullscreenvideo type=”image-button” btntext=”” imageurl=”https://lumiaccessories.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/ruutu.jpg” videourl=”https://vimeo.com/107716332″ extraclass=””]


Of course, we also couldn’t help but notice the similarity in the design to our very own diamond-shaped LUMI retail shopping bag, which also comes in multiple sizes, and which we have been using in our stores for the last five years. 😉