Ban the plastic bag!



Plastic is a substance the earth simply cannot digest. Plastic never goes away, it is harmful to our health, mean to our nature and it spoils our groundwater.

Ban the plastic bag! Adopt your reusable bag now!

These are just a few BIG enough reasons why we should all re-think the use of plastic in our daily lives. We at LUMI join the “plastic ban”, and agree 100% that the best waste is the waste that never existed.

Join us, be smart and refuse all type of plastic bags!

Take action today, and slip reusable bags into your purse, car, gym bag orbasically where ever you may find them handy, so that you always have reusable bags with you when you need them.

At LUMI, we also wanted to pitch in and create our own reusable signature cotton bag that is affordable, durable and most definitely reusable. There really is no excuse not to have one, so adopt your reusable bag now!

New LUMI signature reusable cotton bag is available now.