FundedByMe Crowdfunding Campaign

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LUMI proudly announces a FundedByMe equity-based crowdfunding campaign, to raise funds for a new flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden, opening in 2017. Join us in this exciting new venture, and become a LUMI shareholder today!


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LUMI is raising funds to accelerate and consolidate its global brand position by opening a new flagship store in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. This retail expansion will strengthen our position in a key market, as well as definitively establish LUMI as the market leader in leather accessories across all Nordic countries.

After a careful market study, LUMI decided to focus its next retail effort in Stockholm for two inter-connected reasons.

First, the handbag and accessories market is currently over-saturated with brands from Italy and France, who offer an endless array of styles that are either overly pretentious or overly generic and forgettable, with no true competitors from the Nordic countries. Curiously, while the Nordics have produced several internationally competitive clothing brands, the handbag and accessories niche has yet to be well and truly represented.

Second, the market is also lacking sustainable representatives: most leather accessories and designer handbags, close to 90%, are made with chrome-tanned leather, a production process that uses various harmful chemicals. This method of production is not only unsustainable, but is genuinely harmful to local communities and environments in which it is practiced.

Given this market context, LUMI represents a unique proposition in the world of leather goods, combining directional, yet unpretentious design aesthetics with industry leading sustainable production methods, resulting in a range of leather products made in the Nordic way, in a uniquely Finnish way.

More specifically, LUMI products feature a directional and easily recognizable design aesthetic, which has created a loyal customer base that appreciates a Nordic sensibility, one that emphasizes ‘bling’ free and lasting design. In this sense, LUMI product design is based on a distinctly Finnish design heritage, which draws on the clean lines and functional ethic of our Nordic traditions.

LUMI products are also based on sustainable production methods, with over 60% of our products now made with vegetable-tanned leather. These production methods are one part of our broader strategy for achieving sustainable production practices, which include our exclusive use of long-term manufacturing partners, organized around small factory units, where artisanal leather handcraft has been practiced and perfected from one generation to the next.

We believe our combination of clean aesthetics and sustainable ethics has a truly global appeal, and invite you to join LUMI in this next, exciting chapter.

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