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We regularly think about how to share the LUMI design process with our customers, a process that, in one form or another, happens every day here at our Helsinki headquarters. Towards this end, and as part of our ongoing efforts to make our work as transparent as possible, we are pleased to announce the opening of Le LUMI Lab, a new concept store and experimental space located in our office showroom at Pursimiehenkatu 14.

Le LUMI Lab aims to do what any good laboratory does: in our case, we make observations (about style), conduct experiments (in design), and generate hypotheses (about handbags), all of which come together in the form of actual products, both old and new, which are then available for purchase, including one of a kind, older and vintage pieces. Throughout this lab work, we want to focus on the design decisions that go into a particular product, to better understand why those decisions were made, and how they might be improved upon, in terms of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

So, join us at Le LUMI Lab, if you are curious about how LUMI products are created, as well as about the design decisions behind this creative process. You never know what you might learn or find in the laboratory, which, on a good day, might even include one of our designers, who regularly check-in, to participate in the process.

Pursimiehenkatu 14, 00150 Helsinki, Mon – Fri 11 – 17


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