LUMI for The Financial Times

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And now, for a little taste of sustainable Nordic luxury: the image on your left is a special preview of our Pauliina bucket bag, developed exclusively for readers of How to Spend It, the monthly magazine on all things luxury, from the Financial Times. And, if it is luxury you want, it is luxury you will get, with deluxe touches found around every hand-stitched, noisette-colored corner of Pauliina’s elegant shape.

We begin by carefully selecting only 100% certified vegetable tanned leather, sourced on site from the finest artisan tanneries in Portugal, a kind of leather that will age gracefully over time, slowly acquiring that beautiful patina that is a hallmark of a high quality leather. Next, we saddle stitch the leather into form, a kind of hand stitching that will keep Pauliina’s shape intact across years of regular, and at times irregular, use. We then connect it all together with personalized, cast hardware. Finally, each bag is hand-signed by the designers, Sanna Kantola and Bruno Beaugrand, to introduce our debut product to the readers of the Financial Times.

Through every thoughtful, bespoke detail, Pauliina is designed to last a lifetime, which, for us, is the truest definition of a real, sustainable luxury.

On the inside, Pauliina features one large zipper pocket, detachable key fob, and slash pocket for your latest and largest smart-phone, as well as LUMI’s signature blue cotton lining. On the outside, Pauliina features adjustable shoulder straps, as well as another large pocket, for that inevitable, second smart-phone, ending in a sturdy drawstring closure, to keep all your valuables securely in place.

In short, Pauliina is the perfect day-long companion, a mid-sized day bag that will comfortably hold everything from your notebook and tablet to a bottle of champagne and a couple small glasses.

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