LUMI Retailer of the Month – DE LA LUCE

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LUMI retailers play a very important role for our business, and we are extremely proud to say that LUMI has retailers in over 26 countries. As a thank you to our retailers, we have a “LUMI Retailer of the Month” series on our blog, where we introduce a LUMI retailer from a different corner of the world.

So let us introduce April Retailer of the Month – DE LA LUCE

DE LA LUCE is a 100 m2 concept store with a 12 years experience, located in Montpellier France. The DE LA LUCE philosophy is simple “we sell what we like”. And we love that, because it truly shows in the shop atmosphere.

LUMI displayed at De La Luce

DE LA LUCE offers a beautifully curated mix of fashion with accessories, tableware with jewellery, second hand items with contemporary and new products.

Twice a year they change the complete shop display according to what they call “INSTALLATIONS”. The last one, INSTALLATION°14 is called DLL celebrates COMME DES GARCONS, celebrating the japanese well-known brand.

DE LA LUCE has been a LUMI retailer for two years. We are extremely happy to be a part of this beautiful shop!


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