LUMI Retailer of the Month – Finnska Búðin

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LUMI retailers play a very important role for our business, and we are extremely proud to say that LUMI has retailers in over 26 countries. As a thank you to our retailers, we have a “LUMI Retailer of the Month” series on our blog, where we introduce a LUMI retailer from a different corner of the world.

June Retailer of the Month – Finnska Búðin

Finnska Búðin is a store in Reykjavík, Iceland, dedicated to Finnish design and products. Our selection of goods include mostly clothing & accessories, but also home items and cosmetics. Brands we carry are amongst other, Marimekko, Aarikka, Lumi, Iittala and R/H studio. We celebrate our fifth birthday in early June and plan to celebrate with great offers!

Icelandic people value the same things in design as Finnish people do: good quality products that are designed with both passion and purpose. And that is what we want to cherish on this island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean – beautiful, unique and timeless products that are good in use, also designwise!

June Retailer of the Month – Finnska Búðin


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