LUMI Retailer of the Month -Garden Collage

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LUMI retailers play a very important role for our business, and we are extremely proud to say that LUMI has retailers in over 26 countries. As a thank you to our retailers, we have a “LUMI Retailer of the Month” series on our blog, where we introduce a LUMI retailer from a different corner of the world.

July Retailer of the Month – Garden Collage

Garden Collage is a modern lifestyle magazine and an online shop dedicated to the art of botanical living. The magazine was born in California, now based in New York City. Garden Collage curates stories about living elegantly, ethically, sustainably, and well. Their tagline is “The Magazine For Life in Bloom”, which speaks to the fact that they view culture through the lens of nature.

Garden Collage is July LUMI Retailer of the month

Garden Collage Magazine writes about emergent trends in eco-fashion, local food, natural skincare, and wellness and view the Earth as our muse. They believe in the power of plants and their ability to enrich our lives in subtle ways, and that is reflected in the timelessness of our stories. The magazine also offers perspectives on awe-inspiring travel, botanical art, herbal remedies, eco-conscious design, environment justice, and more.

Join Garden Collage!


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