Retailer of the Month – The Nordic House

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LUMI retailers play a very important role for our business, and we are extremely proud to say that LUMI has retailers in over 26 countries. As a thank you to our retailers, we have a “LUMI Retailer of the Month” series on our blog, where we introduce a LUMI retailer from a different corner of the world.

November Retailer of the Month – The Nordic House

The Nordic House Design Shop is a beautiful little design shop in Reykjavík and it operates within The Nordic House premises. The Nordic House is a cultural institution with a goal to foster and support cultural connections between Iceland and the other Nordic countries.

The design shop opened with the intention of expanding the offer of the house by offering visitors the opportunity to see and purchase unique designs from all over the Nordic countries. The goal of the store is to offer customers new and fresh designs in combination with some of the classics.

The design store has grown over the years and the range extended, we offer a beautiful and unique range of designs from all the Nordic countries. You can find classic Nordic design, such as the famous Aalto vases, as well as new and exciting products from young and upcoming Nordic designers. The carefully selected collection is updated regularly for your inspiration.

One of the main goals of the store is to strive to support independent designers who wish to sell and promote their designs in Iceland. The store, like the Nordic House, has sustainability and environmental considerations as a guiding principle.

LUMI at the Nordic House Design shop in Reykjavik

Visit The Nordic House


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