On Scent and Memory

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It all began with a memory from our childhood in the Finnish countryside. As with many remembered things, it was a memory connected to a particular smell, that unmistakable scent that comes just before the first snowfall  the tingling excitement and expectation of the season’s first, fresh snow was first sensed with our tingling little noses!

In fact, many of our childhood experiences were connected to these kinds of “scent memories,” distinctly Nordic scents that we knew we had to capture and share with others — the smell of the air when Springtime Birch trees first begin to bloom; the smell of the Finnish lake on endless Mid-Summer nights; the familiar scent of our trusty leather coat, cinched up against Fall’s first chill.

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These scent memories were the origin of our LUMI Scent Line, a collection of four products, bath salt, bath oil, soap and candle, each of which comes in four, distinct seasonal scents: KoivuSpring, SuviSummer, RuskaFall, LumiWinter. Made from all natural materials, our Scent Line products also use traditional, artisanal production methods. Our candles, for example, are poured by hand, our soaps similarly hand-cut nothing to get in the way of the all natural scent.

Even the packaging has been carefully thought out. The bottled products are made of glass, and take the form of vintage medicine bottles, which can be recycled or re-used at home. The external packaging is a splint basket, or pärekori, which can also be used for various purposes, from storing cosmetics to providing endless entertainment for younger children.

LUMI invites you to remember the scent of snow, as well as all our other other seasonal scent memories.

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