Snowball Reward

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A favorite aspect of our job here at LUMI is to interact with our loyal customers, who have been a constant source of support and inspiration over the years. To watch as a satisfied, first-time buyer transforms into a loyal, repeat customer is a genuine privilege, as there is simply no better affirmation of our design work than a person who chooses a LUMI product for a second, third or tenth time.

In order to show our gratitude, and to better serve our most faithful customers, we have created the LUMI loyalty program, called the Snowball Reward.

Here is how it works: register for the loyalty program at any of our retail locations, at which time you will receive an exclusive, leather-bound LUMI snowball key-holder, to mark your new membership. With every subsequent purchase of €25, you will then receive one virtual snowball, snowballs which can be collected and used towards future offers and product discounts. And, LUMI Snowballs add up quickly: that €300 LUMI handbag you have your eye on will get you twelve snowballs!

Best of all, unlike real snowballs, your LUMI Snowballs never expire, so you can use them in any season. You will also be placed on our Loyalty Newsletter, which will grant you privileged access to LUMI sales events, as well as alert you to exclusive store events and customized offers, created specifically for you.

Our loyal customers have been a critical part of our growing business. It is time we say thank you.

Please note that the reward program is only valid at our retail locations. You may sign-up for the program at any of our stores, starting this Thursday, 29 October 2015.

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